Boost Your Burlesque Strategy – The Engine of World Burlesque Academy

Behind the Ibiza Burlesque Festival is the production company known as Sapphira’s Showtime with a motive to elevate, expand and, where needed, improve the professionalism of the burlesque industry.

We love burlesque and believe it is so life-changing that we started teaching classes with our company in London over 12 years ago and we have never looked back.

Sapphira’s Showtime is now proud to have worked with over 500 performers, contracted dance instructors and professionals worldwide along with producing some 200 events, one of them a successful Record Setter World Record Attempt for the Fastest Burlesque Glove Peel Relay.

In all this time of teaching and creating events, we have dealt with a huge scope of people linked to burlesque.

– performers
– multinational corporate and blue chip companies
– dance studio owners
– graphic designers
– print production houses
– costume designers
– photographers & filmmakers & videographers
– press outlets, broadcast TV, newspapers, magazines, podcasts & radio

As we opened up our Ibiza Burlesque Festival applications, we realised that performers needed a training programme to help them market their talents and know how to connect the dots between their dreams and getting support from businesses, thus:

Boost Your Burlesque Strategy was born!

This programme is a coaching programme facilitated by festival director, Sapphira.

It has expanded beyond the Ibiza Burlesque Festival because we have found performers all over the world contacting us to be part of it.

It has focus modules delivered as self-study elements on the World Burlesque Academy App, as well as live Zoom tutorials to learn together.

So far we have:

– 17 countries
– 52 graduates
– major press features in TV, print and radio for artists in Poland, Finland, Sweden, USA, UK & South Africa

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