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About Ibiza Burlesque Festival

Sapphira’s Showtime and the World Burlesque Academy App present the seventh annual Ibiza Burlesque Festival, a beach inspired burlesque festival hosting events in London and on the Balearic island of Ibiza, Spain.

Showcasing the world’s best DJs, performers and teachers, our central values of positivity, gratitude and human connection infuse everything we do.

We aspire to be:

– the burlesque festival of choice

– to work with premium venues

– to showcase world class artists

– to use state-of the art production

– to build a community of like-minded people who appreciate each other

That includes our partners, staff, volunteers, performers and you, the audience, too. (Insert virtual group hug!).

Working with partner hotels, bars and other organisations, we want to create a positive environment and support the Sapphira’s Showtime vision of enhancing life through empowering self-expression.

Principles of positive thinking, emotional intelligence and environmental awareness are at the backbone of what we do.



Las Sapphira’s Showtime e World Burlesque Academy App presentan el quinto festival anual Ibiza Burlesque Festival, un festival burlesco inspirado en la playa que organiza eventos en Londres y en la isla balear de Ibiza, España. Presentando a los mejores DJs, artistas y maestros del mundo, nuestros valores centrales de positividad, gratitud y conexión humana infunden todo lo que hacemos.


Aspiramos a ser el festival de elección burlesque que trabaja con lugares de primera calidad, artistas de clase mundial y una producción de vanguardia, mientras construimos una comunidad de personas de ideas afines que se aprecian mutuamente.Eso incluye a nuestros socios, personal, voluntarios, artistas y usted, la audiencia, también. (Insertar abrazo de grupo virtual!).
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What is positive thinking?

¿Qué es el pensamiento positivo?
positivity – pɒzɪˈtɪvɪti (noun) The practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude. –Google Dictionary 
La práctica de ser o tendencia a ser positiva u optimista en actitud.


The Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) aims to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s exceptional beauty and natural value and promote sustainable initiatives. Set up in 2008 in response to unsustainable growth patterns on the island, the IPF raises money from people around the world who love Ibiza and Formentera and care about the islands’ future. Funds are used to support environmental projects and initiatives, carried out by grass-roots organisations, that protect the land and sea. Projects include the protection of UNESCO World Heritage meadows of Posidonia seagrass, at risk from boats’ anchors and wastewater discharge, the recovery of threatened seahorse populations and promoting the consumption of locally-grown crops especially almonds. Water scarcity is one of Ibiza and Formentera’s most serious environmental challenges. The islands’ dependency on groundwater aquifers has resulted in aquifer depletion and contamination due to salt water intrusions.

Water dependency

Dependency on water produced by desalination plants has resulted in increased energy demand to operate the islands’ desalination plants. A Water Alliance was established in 2016 with support and funding from the IPF. By bringing together all key stakeholders, the Alliance’s aim is to sustainably manage the islands’ freshwater resources and promote solutions. A public awareness campaign – “Enjoy the Island, Save Water” – was launched last summer by the Alliance, and a water observatory is being created to collect data and information. To stop oil exploration in the Balearic archipelago, the IPF also helped to set up and fund Alianza Mar Blava (Blue Sea Alliance). Through legal challenges and government lobbying, Alianza has now stopped four projects and succeeded in the creation of a proposed protected whale and dolphin migration corridor in the Mediterranean Sea. The IPF also invests in the sustainable development of the islands. It supports cutting-edge environmental technology and actively promotes the islands’ potential for renewable energy and electric vehicles. To support the important work of the IPF, you can become a member or make an online donation at As a member, you’ll receive regular news and information on grants, projects and events as well as green updates from the islands. Find out more