Kylie Minogue Dedication

The Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2020 Online Edition was dedicated to Australian Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue. 
We were very excited that she engaged with us on Twitter liking the performance by Sassy La Showdoll to Two Hearts.

Our festival director, Sapphira, was inspired to move to London to pursue her singing career following the example of Kylie who also comes from Melbourne. When we launched the Ibiza Burlesque Festival in 2017 we realised Kylie had also been trailblazing on the Balearic Island headlining at Manumission in 1995.

  Kylie performs at Manumission in 1995

For this festival we met with Dawn Hindle, the owner of Ibiza Rocks and co-founder of Manumission who was our guest interviewee and has been mentoring us with ideas for the festival. She is now owner of Pikes Hotel where Kylie stayed in her early days on the Island.

Our dedication included two burlesque performances adapted to Kylie songs.

Two Hearts by Zoe Kee – Kylie Minogue Tribute

Locomotion by Sassy La Showdoll – Kylie Minogue Tribute

We also had a burlesque dance class with Kween Kong to a Kylie track.

Sapphira read a chapter from her memoir ‘Burlesque or Bust‘ about her early days starting in burlesque in a costume dubbed ‘The Kylie’.

Sapphira reads about Kylie

The footage of ‘The Kylie’ costume was included as part of the festival video programme.

Sapphira in ‘The Kylie’ – Kylie Minogue Tribute

Ibiza Burlesque Festival Cast Vote – Favourite Kylie Song

We had a little poll amongst the cast and crew about their favourite Kylie songs and this is what we learnt.

Blue Virtue All The Lovers
Dawn HindleCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
DJ MasygaCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Nonna KarevaCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Rock’n’DollCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
SapphiraCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Sapphira & Emilio MeroneCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Scarlett JamesCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Anthony PappaConfide In Me
Brandy MontmartreConfide In Me
Joelle D’amourConfide In Me
Sugar KaneConfide In Me
TonestepaConfide In Me
Kween KongIt’s In Your Eyes
Paul Belly DancerIt’s In Your Eyes
Boris KynozezSlow
Ruby JouleSlow
Maestro MaestraSpinning Around
Danny RamplingStep Back In Time
Violet HeartLove At First Sight
Violette CoquetteLocomotion
Zoe KeeCan’t Get Your Out Of My Head
Adora BelleI Should Be So Lucky
Kitten KaboodleLocomotion

We had so much fun dedicating our festival to Kylie and we hope we can invite her to be our guest of honour in future years or, better still, get her to join us on the stage!