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Behind the Ibiza Burlesque Festival is the production company known as Sapphira’s Showtime with a motive to elevate, expand and, where needed, improve the professionalism of the burlesque industry.

We love burlesque and believe it is so life-changing that we started teaching classes with our company in London over 12 years ago and we have never looked back.

Sapphira’s Showtime is now proud to have worked with over 500 performers, contracted dance instructors and professionals worldwide along with producing some 200 events, one of them a successful Record Setter World Record Attempt for the Fastest Burlesque Glove Peel Relay.

In all this time of teaching and creating events, we have dealt with a huge scope of people linked to burlesque.

– performers
– multinational corporate and blue chip companies
– dance studio owners
– graphic designers
– print production houses
– costume designers
– photographers & filmmakers & videographers
– press outlets, broadcast TV, newspapers, magazines, podcasts & radio

As we opened up our Ibiza Burlesque Festival applications, we realised that performers needed a training programme to help them market their talents and know how to connect the dots between their dreams and getting support from businesses, thus:

Boost Your Burlesque Strategy was born!

This programme is a coaching programme facilitated by festival director, Sapphira.

It has expanded beyond the Ibiza Burlesque Festival because we have found performers all over the world contacting us to be part of it.

It has focus modules delivered as self-study elements on the World Burlesque Academy App, as well as live Zoom tutorials to learn together.

So far we have:

– 17 countries
– 52 graduates
– major press features in TV, print and radio for artists in Poland, Finland, Sweden, USA, UK & South Africa

Burlesque artists, want to level up without doing it alone?
Book a FREE mini-mentoring session. 

Or visit our partner website


The sixth Ibiza Burlesque Festival was a huge success because of team work.

We want to say a special thanks to our headliner, Ruby Joule. Her star will always shine and she was a joy to work with on and offstage
To our synchronised swimmers we owe a huge thanks, they choreographed their act with perfection in tribute to Esther Williams, thank you Waterdrops Ibiza.

To our featured artists, thank you.

Each of your performances were incredible to behold, we can tell the audience and guests were as captivated as we were.

To our fabulous cast and team
The Ibiza crew did so much work with flyers and posters to ensure promotion was solid all over the Island.

Thank you so much for helping and doing so with so much work and willingly giving up your time during such a busy season.


To our performers who also modelled the lingerie, you are totally beautiful inside and out


The person who was the glue that held the festival together
👉 @vilu_la_pavonia 👈
We cannot thank you enough.

🗞Thanks to our printers

Thanks to our costume supporters

Thanks to our DJs

To our venues

To our marketing mentors and distribution

Thanks to our amazing photographer, Terry Onslow. Thank you.

 Our designer is the best

 Thanks to our wonderful audience, too!

We are excited to announce we will return on Saturday 16th September 2023.

Save the date!

Love Sapphira & Tonestepa


Where can I get tickets?

We are so excited to see you attending our events, please only buy tickets from our vetted and trusted ticketing partner,  Skiddle.

Will there be a burlesque show at both 7pm (Aperture Terrace ) and 11pm (Ibiza Rocks Bar)?

 You will only see burlesque performances at the 7pm Aperture Terrace shows, not at 11pm at Ibiza Rocks Bar. The 11pm show is just an after party for dancing to the best music. Dress up for our events because we will be giving out prizes for best dressed at random!

Can I book a table and seats?

No, the Ibiza Burlesque Festival is unique because we offer pool parties and nightclub shows. Our events are not seated in theatres so there is very little seating. Whatever seating is there is available as first in best dressed. If you have require special assistance due to mobility aids or injury, please know your comfort is our priority but please contact us ahead of time to give us information about how we can look after you and we will do this with utmost care. All our venues are wheelchair accessible. Please email [email protected]

Is there a dress code?

Yes we require smart casual attire but fancy dress or burlesque dress is encouraged. Get creative think Vintage Hawaiian, Tropical Shirts and Dresses, 1950s, Flapper or Great Gatsby.Please dress up for our events because we will be giving out prizes for best dressed at random!

How can I get the best view?

It is so important to us that you get to see our show and have a good view of the performances. We will be directing the audience to make sure people are mindful of making room poolside and we position our artists in different places so you can see. Just arrive early and follow our MC who will be getting everyone in participation.

Are the venues wheelchair accessible?

Yes. If you have require special assistance due to mobility aids or injury, please know your comfort is our priority but please contact us ahead of time to give us information about how we can look after you and we will do this with utmost care. All our venues are wheelchair accessible. Please email [email protected]



Tonestepa adds an Iberic beat to the Tonestepa Ibiza Remix of Quene of the Scene by Sapphira & Doc Moody. A Spanish piano riff that will have you dancing.

This track drops Monday 29th August and will be debuted on the Balearic Island of Ibiza for the Ibiza Burlesque Festival on Saturday 3rd of September poolside at Aperture Terrace.

Complete with a vocal edit and instrumental, you can choose your groove. Either way, you will not be able to resist dancing to this one.


Please enjoy our Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2022 programme.

We are proud to be presenting

– over 20 artists
– from 10 countries
– cabaret, burlesque, DJs

Our events begin 

7pm – 10pm

Friday 2nd September
Saturday 3rd September
Sunday 4th September

Please note, the after parties are at Ibiza Rocks Bar, upstairs at the Star Bar Terrace, the location is a pleasant stroll along the beach from Aperture Terrace where our main shows will be.

Tickets are available at Skiddle


Estamos orgullosos de presentar

– más de 20 artistas
– de 10 países
– cabaret, burlesque, DJ

Comienzan nuestros eventos

19:00 – 22:00

viernes 2 de septiembre
sábado 3 de septiembre
domingo 4 de septiembre

Tenga en cuenta que las fiestas posteriores son en Ibiza Rocks Bar, arriba en Star Bar Terrace, la ubicación es un agradable paseo por la playa desde Aperture Terrace, donde se realizarán nuestros espectáculos principales.

Las entradas están disponibles en Skiddle



We are delighted to be supported by the famous brand of swimsuits from legendary Holloway star, Esther Williams Swimwear.

Look out for our synchronised swimmers, Waterdops, who will be performing in the water dressed in these gorgeous, high quality vintage one-piece swimsuits, with  true elegance of yesteryear and pin up.

Thanks to our sponsors, Coral and Jade who own the swimwear brand and have contributed these beautiful one-piece swimsuits!

You could win!

We have a swimsuit to giveaway during the events, so do be sure to buy a ticket and see if you are the lucky winner!


We are delighted the Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2022 tickets are now on sale.
You can purchase tickets online here.


Please note, we have 3 Day Festival passes available, your ticket will give you entry to all of our events and we can’t wait to see you.
Seats are first in best dressed due to the locatin of our events and all venues are wheelchair accessible.

Should you require any special assistance, please do not hesitate to email us [email protected]

We are delighted to help you enjoy our special show.


A Certificate of Achievement – Grace InDecent & Lappeenranta Burleski Ry

The Ibiza Burlesque Festival is returning to the Island in 2022 after two years of virtual programmes and is proud to announce presenting its first Certificate of Achievement.

Grace InDecent , a burlesque performer and chairwoman of Lappeenranta Burleski Ry a burlesque association in Finland, will be awarded with the certificate for her efforts. Whilst working with support from her team Anna EnsiLempi and ZiiZii Baker, Grace has shown leadership skills as a performer and spokesperson in successfully obtaining a grant. The funding was granted from a private foundation dedicated to promoting art, science, and other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavor in Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, South Karelia Regional Fund. Securing this grant for 7500€ enabled the artform of burlesque to gain more fans and awareness during the uncertain time of the pandemic.

Grace InDecent, aka Hanna Karppinen, started her burlesque career by joining Lappeenranta Burleski association at the end of 2018. Few months later she was already performing for a live audience and from the beginning of 2019 she became the chairwoman of the association and has been running it passionately ever since. She loves burlesque because as an art form it is so versatile and liberating and its message of unity and body positivity touches her deeply.

It has meant so much to me that we achieved this grant,” says Grace “Because we were able to create a wonderful and uplifting day filled with burlesque in the midst of depressing times of covid-19 restrictions and with the money we were able to not just pay properly for the performers but also experiment in organizing an event both onsite and virtually without financial risk.”

Lappeenranta Burleski ry was established in August 2018 to promote and raise the profile of burlesque culture in South Karelia, an area in Finland, by offering various workshops, dance courses and other activities for burlesque lovers, and by organizing burlesque events and performances. The association organises weekly burlesque classes for its 24 members in its own studio near the city center.

Grace has also been part of an online learning platform for burlesque professionals and directors learning with the Ibiza Burlesque Festival owner, Sapphira. Taking part in Sapphira’s Boost Your Burlesque Strategy ‘6 Week Level Up Challenge’ she has been connecting and learning with artists from all over the world about media, marketing and press skills. This is part of an overall vision upheld for World Burlesque Day of which the Ibiza Burlesque Festival takes part to make sure more people try and experience the life-changing art of burlesque.

When Grace InDecent joined the Boost Your Burlesque Strategy mentoring programme I soon noticed her aptitude for business and organisational skills as securing a grant is a big achievement, especially facing the difficulties of the event taking place during the turbulent time of the pandemic,” says Ibiza Burlesque Festival founder, Sapphira. “So the festival co-producer, Tonestepa, and I wanted to elevate the work she has done as a both a performer, leader and chairwoman in burlesque.”

The certificate will be presented during the events of the festival 2nd – 4th September 2022.

You can find out more about Grace InDecent here:

You can attend classes and shows produced by Lappeenranta Burleski ry in Finland here: 

Book tickets and find out about the Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2-4th September 2022 here: