Ibiza Burlesque Festival Performer Application – FAQ

In response to the questions we are getting about the Ibiza Burlesque Festival 4 – 6 September 2021 (Virtual & Physical Programme) we have created this FAQ. 

I will have a different act next year, can I apply with an older act now and change it next year?

Yes, definitely. This is absolutely fine. Please submit whichever video you have available now and we will be in touch in February or March next year to see if you would like to update the act and send us a new video for consideration by the Application Committee.

Is Google Drive permitted for submitting a video if I do not have my video on YouTube or Vimeo?

Yes, of course. On your application form please send us the link for whichever place your video is stored, Google Drive, DropBox, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Vimeo (or anywhere else). The one thing we request is that you please ensure there is no password required to view the video as this voids your application. We only review videos that are immediately accessible without passwords. (We suggest emailing the link to yourself and testing it before you send it to us to make sure it works.)

How will different acts be chosen for the Virtual and Physical events? 


A lot of it will be depending on Covid 19 because the Island was closed even to festival producers this year with a 2 week quarantine on arrival, hence why the Virtual Programme came about in necessity to give us all a sense of being connected and having something positive to look forward to during an uncertain time.

It was a big success and we reached 12,000 + people via Facebook and even more countries engaged than would have flown to the Island to physically be part of the event.

For both Virtual and Physical events the acts are selected based on the Application Committee who review each application equally.

– quality of the act and quality of the video

– the suitability for the style of the shows

– the length of the show in question which determines how many slots there are

To get an idea of the kinds of acts that have been successful in the past you can view our YouTube channel and Videos on our website.

If a performer is cast either for the Physical or Virtual event it is still a benefit of association with a premium burlesque festival that has alignment with the biggest names in entertainment.

Is there a different application form for the virtual festival and physical festival events?

No there is not. To apply just use the one application form here

Is the Ibiza Burlesque Festival a size inclusive festival?

Yes, absolutely. Our festival’s mission is to spread the glorious self-acceptance burlesque and cabaret provides for many performers. It is, in fact, in our values and also in the book written by our festival director, Sapphira, about why burlesque was important for her in her own journey with her body shape.