2023 Burlesque Performers


Tonestepa is a DJ/music producer/sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist playing bass, piano, guitar and drums. Touring with his band The Psalmistry he learnt a lot about event and tour management, logistics and operations. He is a talented music producer who has produced the likes of Natasha Bedingfield, Daniel Bedingfield and rubbed shoulders with with Smith and Mighty, Kosheen and Portishead.

Each year he works on a music release for the festival and we all enjoy dancing to it.

🎵 Queen of the Scene 2022
🎵 Sapphira & Doc Moody
🎵 Tonestepa Ibiza Remix

🎵 Tease 2023
🎵 Sapphira
🎵 Tonestepa Showgirl Remix

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