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8 Week Burlesque Dance Classes on Zoom
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Burlesque Techniques – Sunday 10th Jan – 28th Feb, 5pm – 6pm GMT

Balloon Pop Dance – Tuesday 12th Jan – 2nd March, 7pm – 8pm GMT

Feather Fan Dance – Thursday 13th Jan – 4th March, 7pm – 8pm GMT

£64 + £1 booking fee (or try one class £9 + £1 booking fee)


In response to the questions we are getting about the Ibiza Burlesque Festival 4 – 6 September 2021 (Virtual & Physical Programme) we have created this FAQ. 

I will have a different act next year, can I apply with an older act now and change it next year?

Yes, definitely. This is absolutely fine. Please submit whichever video you have available now and we will be in touch in February or March next year to see if you would like to update the act and send us a new video for consideration by the Application Committee.

Is Google Drive permitted for submitting a video if I do not have my video on YouTube or Vimeo?

Yes, of course. On your application form please send us the link for whichever place your video is stored, Google Drive, DropBox, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Vimeo (or anywhere else). The one thing we request is that you please ensure there is no password required to view the video as this voids your application. We only review videos that are immediately accessible without passwords. (We suggest emailing the link to yourself and testing it before you send it to us to make sure it works.)

How will different acts be chosen for the Virtual and Physical events? 


A lot of it will be depending on Covid 19 because the Island was closed even to festival producers this year with a 2 week quarantine on arrival, hence why the Virtual Programme came about in necessity to give us all a sense of being connected and having something positive to look forward to during an uncertain time.

It was a big success and we reached 12,000 + people via Facebook and even more countries engaged than would have flown to the Island to physically be part of the event.

For both Virtual and Physical events the acts are selected based on the Application Committee who review each application equally.

– quality of the act and quality of the video

– the suitability for the style of the shows

– the length of the show in question which determines how many slots there are

To get an idea of the kinds of acts that have been successful in the past you can view our YouTube channel and Videos on our website.

If a performer is cast either for the Physical or Virtual event it is still a benefit of association with a premium burlesque festival that has alignment with the biggest names in entertainment.

Is there a different application form for the virtual festival and physical festival events?

No there is not. To apply just use the one application form here

Is the Ibiza Burlesque Festival a size inclusive festival?

Yes, absolutely. Our festival’s mission is to spread the glorious self-acceptance burlesque and cabaret provides for many performers. It is, in fact, in our values and also in the book written by our festival director, Sapphira, about why burlesque was important for her in her own journey with her body shape.


It was an honour to be invited on a panel with burlesque industry leaders for the Bazaar de Festivales – Encuentro de Cabaret y Burlesque de la Ciudad de México last weekend.

Our festival director, Sapphira, was able to give a talk about the history of the Ibiza Burlesque Festival dating back to the year 2000 when she first heard the Cafe Del Mar music compilations as a youngster in Melbourne, Australia. It was a chance to explain how important Ibiza and the music from the Island has been in her life and how this formed the chapter, Ibiza, in her book, Burlesque or Bust.

She spoke alongside other industry figureheads including:

– Burlesque Hall of Fame, Programme Director – Buttercup
– Burlesque At Home – Paul Alexsander, Patricia Kittens & Irving
– Mexico Burlesque Festival – Ondina Cabaret
– Montreal Burlesque Festival – Scarlett James
– Salvaje International Festival de Burlesque Argentina – Yani Gionvanetti
– Barcelona Burlesque Festival and Meeting – Jordi Gonzo 

Thank you for this opportunity, Elisa and Hazel. We look forward to future collaborations with all these amazing festivals and it was encouraging to hear about everyone’s hard work, successes and challenges. It has been a silver-lining that lockdown has brought many people to unite via the internet in our scene of burlesque. We feel we can unite and help each other, too.

We are fundraising to support the Ibiza Food Bank.

Recently we teamed up with Italian designer, Jess from Eff Plume and we created a wonderful gift back including her rainbow feather fans.

Watch the video with Jess about our fundraiser

Along with ticket donations we have now raised €320 for the Ibiza Food Bank.

The Ibiza Food Bank Is Vital
The Ibiza Food Bank is vital because the island of Ibiza relies on tourism. Due to the recent travel restrictions, there was no tourist season. Many families and workers rely on the tourist season to earn their annual income which provides for them for the full year. This year there were no tourists so farmers have not harvested their crops and restaurants, hotels and nightclubs have not purchased the food as they had no patrons. The Ibiza Food Bank has created a network across the island working with farmers, volunteers and supermarkets to give families food and supermarket vouchers to those in need.
Read more about the work the Ibiza Food Bank is doing here

What our fundraising means for the Ibiza Food Bank

We are so pleased to have this email from Ibiza Food Bank.

Hi! Thank you so much for this, its incredible, we went out with a post today to say thanks. This money will go towards buying the vouchers at Spar supermarket which provides families with a value of 15 euros a week to spend there, not only does it feed people but also means that they can shop normally and also get the extras that their families need. Your donation will provide 32 families with these vouchers…so incredible!


The Ibiza Burlesque Festival 2020 Online Edition was dedicated to Australian Princess of Pop, Kylie Minogue. 
We were very excited that she engaged with us on Twitter liking the performance by Sassy La Showdoll to Two Hearts.

Our festival director, Sapphira, was inspired to move to London to pursue her singing career following the example of Kylie who also comes from Melbourne. When we launched the Ibiza Burlesque Festival in 2017 we realised Kylie had also been trailblazing on the Balearic Island headlining at Manumission in 1995.

For this festival we met with Dawn Hindle, the owner of Ibiza Rocks and co-founder of Manumission who was our guest interviewee and has been mentoring us with ideas for the festival. She is now owner of Pikes Hotel where Kylie stayed in her early days on the Island.

Our dedication included two burlesque performances adapted to Kylie songs.

Two Hearts by Zoe Kee – Kylie Minogue Tribute

Locomotion by Sassy La Showdoll – Kylie Minogue Tribute

We also had a burlesque dance class with Kween Kong to a Kylie track.

Sapphira read a chapter from her memoir ‘Burlesque or Bust‘ about her early days starting in burlesque in a costume dubbed ‘The Kylie’.

The footage of ‘The Kylie’ costume was included as part of the festival video programme.

Sapphira in ‘The Kylie’ – Kylie Minogue Tribute

Ibiza Burlesque Festival Cast Vote – Favourite Kylie Song

We had a little poll amongst the cast and crew about their favourite Kylie songs and this is what we learnt.

Blue Virtue All The Lovers
Dawn HindleCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
DJ MasygaCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Nonna KarevaCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Rock’n’DollCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
SapphiraCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Sapphira & Emilio MeroneCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Scarlett JamesCan’t Get You Out Of My Head
Anthony PappaConfide In Me
Brandy MontmartreConfide In Me
Joelle D’amourConfide In Me
Sugar KaneConfide In Me
TonestepaConfide In Me
Kween KongIt’s In Your Eyes
Paul Belly DancerIt’s In Your Eyes
Boris KynozezSlow
Ruby JouleSlow
Maestro MaestraSpinning Around
Danny RamplingStep Back In Time
Violet HeartLove At First Sight
Violette CoquetteLocomotion
Zoe KeeCan’t Get Your Out Of My Head
Adora BelleI Should Be So Lucky
Kitten KaboodleLocomotion

We had so much fun dedicating our festival to Kylie and we hope we can invite her to be our guest of honour in future years or, better still, get her to join us on the stage!

2020 Burlesque Performers
Paula is a Chilean belly dancer based on the Island of Ibiza. She has been performing and teaching for many years studying under the greatest mentors and belly dance teachers to perfect her dance style. She is part of the Ibiza Burlesque Festival team and hosted an online belly dancing class for the virtual festival.

2020 Burlesque Performers
Long renowned for his passion, dedication & flawless mixing and marathon DJ sets, and having just been voted 75th of all time best DJ of in the world (voted ahead of current superstars such as Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, Afrojack and Arman van Helden) by Dash Berlin World, Anthony Pappa’s unique trademark defining “track selection, journey build, & precision mixing skills” coupled with his overall way of making things just pop has seen him become one of Australia’s most successful DJ exports. Originally from Melbourne, Anthony’s DJ career began at the age of 15 where he won the DMC mixing championship.

At the age of 20, due frustrated at being halfway around the world from where the music he loved was happening, he moved to the UK’s capital, London, to follow his passion & love of music & Djing. The move was not in vain as it wasn’t long before his talents were picked up by a core group of the UK’s biggest DJ’s who together & forged a strong squad of players that would shape the sounds that have been constantly evolving and always pushing the boundaries over the last two decades and will continue to do so for many years to come by Anthony & others alike.