Ibiza Food Bank Fundraiser

We are fundraising to support the Ibiza Food Bank.

Recently we teamed up with Italian designer, Jess from Eff Plume and we created a wonderful gift back including her rainbow feather fans.

Watch the video with Jess about our fundraiser

Along with ticket donations we have now raised €320 for the Ibiza Food Bank.

The Ibiza Food Bank Is Vital
The Ibiza Food Bank is vital because the island of Ibiza relies on tourism. Due to the recent travel restrictions, there was no tourist season. Many families and workers rely on the tourist season to earn their annual income which provides for them for the full year. This year there were no tourists so farmers have not harvested their crops and restaurants, hotels and nightclubs have not purchased the food as they had no patrons. The Ibiza Food Bank has created a network across the island working with farmers, volunteers and supermarkets to give families food and supermarket vouchers to those in need.
Read more about the work the Ibiza Food Bank is doing here

A thank you for our fundraising.

What our fundraising means for the Ibiza Food Bank

We are so pleased to have this email from Ibiza Food Bank.

Hi! Thank you so much for this, its incredible, we went out with a post today to say thanks. This money will go towards buying the vouchers at Spar supermarket which provides families with a value of 15 euros a week to spend there, not only does it feed people but also means that they can shop normally and also get the extras that their families need. Your donation will provide 32 families with these vouchers…so incredible!