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We were thrilled to have super stars Kim Cameron and DJ Halo as our special guests for the Ibiza Burelsque Festival 2018. Kim is a high-energy, 2-time Top 20 Billboard chart-topping with a deep house sound and featured placements on Billboard Dance Club, Hot AC, AC, CMJ, AAA, DJ Times, FMQB music charts and radio across the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia and will be performing for us!  Check out her latest single, ‘Share My Pillow’ the video was filmed at secret locations around Ibiza during the International Music Summit Week in Ibiza.

Thank you to the cast and crew who created the first magical Ibiza Burlesque Festival, we had 10 countries represented and it was an honor to work with such a talented cast.

Black Bijou (Italy)
Blondy Violet (Italy)
Boogie Rose (Italy)
Celeste de Moriae (Croatia)
CiCi L’amour (UK)
Garcon Diamond (Italy)
Jiminy Cricket (Italy)
La Beti (Spain)
DJ Lola Von Dage (Spain)
Mamz’elle Plum’ti (France)
Miss Lexi Heart (Australia)
Miss Sandy Floss (UK)
Pin Up Candy (Poland)
Sapphira (Australia)
Sassy La Showdoll (UK)
Silly Thanh (Switzerland)
DJ Tonestepa (UK)
Valentina del Pearls (France)
Vivacious Miss Audacious (USA)

Plus our amazing event assistant and volunteer – Rochelle Felstead

We have been giving away tickets to lucky winners at events as we promote around Europe.
In Ireland at the Dublin Tattoo Convention it was  Mark Anthony Mcc88 who won 2 tickets to the Tropical Taster show Friday 6th Oct 6pm for following us on Instagram. 
In Rome it was Francesca Vida and Sara Santella who each won a ticket to the Friday 6th of October Pinup Poolside Party. Well done, everyone. See you in Ibiza.

It was fun visiting the Dublin Tattoo Convention last week in Ireland. The Ibiza Burlesque Festival team, complete in our Vivien of Holloway outfits had a busy day promoting, handing out flyers and judging the Miss Pinup Ireland competition. Thanks to to Louise Rio Wild for having us and to Luciana Cristea for joining the Sapphira’s Showgirls promotional team for the day. You could say everyone wanted to play with our… (beach) balls!

Congratulations to the amazing Spanish performer, La Beti for her recent interview and cover story in the Intervieu magazine. La Beti  is the  winner of the crown Best International Burlesque Performer in the World Burlesque Games 2015, second prize Miss International Pin Up 2014. She is recognised for her work in Intervieu who quote she is ‘
Un alter ego que ha llegado a lo más alto en el mundo del burlesque.’ An alter ego that has reached the top of burlesque. We are lucky to have her.
Would you like to learn Flamenco & Burlesque in a workshop with La Beti? You can!

La Beti is an engaging and magnificent Spanish performer, winner of the crown Best International Burlesque Performer in the World Burlesque Games 2015, second prize Miss International Pin Up 2014, Muse of Boom Town, (one of the biggest festivals in UK) and headliner of International Burlesque Festivals such Milan Extraordinaire and London Burlesque Festival. A natural entertainer that combines the language of cabaret, cinema, poetry, flamenco and folklore flamboyantly inhabiting different female characters and archetypes of women. La Beti incorporates Latin, Spanish and vintage styles that evoke everything from Carmen Miranda’s old world Latin glamour through to Spanish Kitsch and of course classic showgirl.