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Thank you to the cast and crew who created the first magical Ibiza Burlesque Festival, we had 10 countries represented and it was an honor to work with such a talented cast.

Black Bijou (Italy)
Blondy Violet (Italy)
Boogie Rose (Italy)
Celeste de Moriae (Croatia)
CiCi L’amour (UK)
Garcon Diamond (Italy)
Jiminy Cricket (Italy)
La Beti (Spain)
DJ Lola Von Dage (Spain)
Mamz’elle Plum’ti (France)
Miss Lexi Heart (Australia)
Miss Sandy Floss (UK)
Pin Up Candy (Poland)
Sapphira (Australia)
Sassy La Showdoll (UK)
Silly Thanh (Switzerland)
DJ Tonestepa (UK)
Valentina del Pearls (France)
Vivacious Miss Audacious (USA)

Plus our amazing event assistant and volunteer – Rochelle Felstead


The debut presentation of Tease at HEART Ibiza by the festival founder Sapphira closed the weekend with a tribute to burlesque queen Dita Von Teese. Along with an album dedication to the renowned performer, Sapphira & her dancers were fittingly dressed by Dita Von Teese Lingerie and Secrets in Lace Europe to complete the salute to Dita’s accomplishments.

photography // Marco Joe Fazio  assistance // Guy Withworth producer & hairstyling // Donna Billing at Hair Extrodonnaire make-up // Ksavi S Joshi and Edvin Mac nails // Shiene Mann
models // Sapphira, Sassy La Showdoll, Lia Ikkos

Photo: Lucas Ranzuglia – Dancers Sassy La Showdoll, Sapphira & Jamilla Ward Knott


The Ibiza Burlesque Festival & Sapphira’s Showgirls are pleased to have set a new Record Setter World Record.
Fastest 17 Person Burlesque Glove Peel Relay in 11 mins 88 secs.
To raise awareness for World Mental Health we had fun setting the World Record by the Santos pool! We are fundraising for charities Sane and Butterfly Conservation. Visit to make a donation.

We have been giving away tickets to lucky winners at events as we promote around Europe.
In Ireland at the Dublin Tattoo Convention it was  Mark Anthony Mcc88 who won 2 tickets to the Tropical Taster show Friday 6th Oct 6pm for following us on Instagram. 
In Rome it was Francesca Vida and Sara Santella who each won a ticket to the Friday 6th of October Pinup Poolside Party. Well done, everyone. See you in Ibiza.

It was fun visiting the Dublin Tattoo Convention last week in Ireland. The Ibiza Burlesque Festival team, complete in our Vivien of Holloway outfits had a busy day promoting, handing out flyers and judging the Miss Pinup Ireland competition. Thanks to to Louise Rio Wild for having us and to Luciana Cristea for joining the Sapphira’s Showgirls promotional team for the day. You could say everyone wanted to play with our… (beach) balls!

Congratulations to the amazing Spanish performer, La Beti for her recent interview and cover story in the Intervieu magazine. La Beti  is the  winner of the crown Best International Burlesque Performer in the World Burlesque Games 2015, second prize Miss International Pin Up 2014. She is recognised for her work in Intervieu who quote she is ‘
Un alter ego que ha llegado a lo más alto en el mundo del burlesque.’ An alter ego that has reached the top of burlesque. We are lucky to have her.
Would you like to learn Flamenco & Burlesque in a workshop with La Beti? You can!


When it comes to providing the modern women with quality vintage-style dresses and reproductions of 40s’ and 50s’ fashions, you can look no further than the deluxe range by Vivien of Holloway. The Ibiza Burlesque Festival team is proudly supported by this fabulous Islington based boutique but if you love their fashion, do not despair, with their fabulous website they ship everywhere! Check out our team’s cute Shorts Anchors Aweigh look as we stay stylish whilst working at the festival events.


Welcome to Sapphira’s Showgirls. We have adopted the butterfly as our emblem of transformation following our founder, Sapphira’s own experience overcoming mental illness 20 years ago. Butterflies are delicate creatures that delight us with the effortless beauty, freedom and above all are a symbol that every situation is offering the chance to grow, transform and triumph. 
We believe burlesque is transformational and we invite you as audience or performers, participants or spectators to enjoy the spectacle of our shows at the Ibiza Burlesque Festival.